So here you are, stuck, worried, unsure and unable to decide whether you should progress your divorce or separation.

This is certainly not something that you wanted or necessarily could foresee when you first started on your relationship journey. We know that relationships and marriages can sometimes end in divorce or separation no matter how hard we have tried to salvage these situations.

It is natural and normal to feel overwhelmed, fearful, and uncertain at this time. However, experience has shown us time and time again that delaying or sitting on your hands and taking no legal action to finalise your divorce and separation matters is not in your best interests.

We have seen, heard and experienced the complexities and unnecessary difficulties that arise when people don’t take action after they decide that their relationship is no longer viable.

Below are 10 risks that you face when you delay, procrastinate, or believe that you can negotiate on your own:

i. Your ex-partner has the advantage because they may have received legal advice and are planning their next steps.

ii. Your assets may be compromised by delay.

iii. Yours or your ex-partners financial, emotional, physical circumstances may change.

iv. Your children may be exposed to conflict, uncertainty and have no clear understanding of what is happening to them or their family.

v. You are unable to move on.

vi. If you receive any inheritances, windfalls, redundancy payments this could affect the financial outcome of your matter.

vii. Your ex may re partner.

viii. Either you or your partner could suffer ill health or worse case death which may leave you again exposed.

ix. The limitation period may expire.

x. You cannot negotiate strategically and consistently when you are emotionally attached or involved in any situation.

Smart people know that the best decision they can make is to engage the services of a specialist professional who is able to see the issues clearly without emotion and is able to advise strategically and with experience what the best course is for you.

At Cominos Family Lawyers, we reassure you that once you let go and start the legal process rolling- you will experience a true sense of control, peace of mind and finally freedom.


The information contained here is not legal advice. If you require specific legal advice, our family lawyers are here for you.

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