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Careers at Cominos Family Lawyers.

Highly credible in delivering family law services over 10 years.

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Supportive, consistent and transparent leadership.

Mentorship and progression available.

91% team member satisfaction.

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Pamela Cominos

Pamela Cominos

Founding Principal

Penny Ling

Penny Ling

Managing Principal

Dalia Nasreddine

Dalia Nasreddine

Associate Family Lawyer

Elises Vadala

Elises Vadala

Family Lawyer

Sophia Lopez

Sophia Lopez


John Scott

John Scott

Business Manager

Our Culture. Your Benefit.

We are a non-traditional legal practice.

We foster a culture of respect, reassurance, and care for our people.

We know that your mental health, family and life are as important as your work.

All our team members receive one on one mentorship which is designed to give purpose and progression.

We know that being paid well is important.

Working with us gives you financial security and opportunity to earn so much more than being self-employed or working in traditional legal practice.

We educate and elevate all our team members to be better, do better and have better.

Careers At Cominos Family Lawyers?
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Do you have flexible hours?

Our practice operates with consistency and accountability. This means that we work from the hours of 8:30am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday. We do not expect any overtime work unless matters are urgent.

Do you have a hybrid work policy?

We love to collaborate as a team. Our work environment is comfortable and easy to access, and our team has requested that we all work as one

Can I have car parking?

Absolutely. We have ample car parking in the building. You will need to make enquiries with our building manager.

Do you offer wellness and mental health support?

100% we offer one to one mentorship. We are also working to introducing a 9-day fortnight because we know the importance of keeping mentally and physically fit.

CPD and Training?

We encourage ongoing training both in-house and external.

We have a weekly lunch and learn programme which focuses on a range of fostering skill such as confident speaking and networking.

We also have in-house legal training.

We have a strong commitment to mentorship for all our team members. We pay for all your CPD points.

Do you offer bonuses for introducing clients and surpassing budgets?

100%. We are a legal practice that financially rewards our team members for adding value to our practice.

Do you have any IT support?

We use LEAP and Microsoft Office, ZOOM and Teams. Every team member has individual access to these platforms. We have an in-house and on -demand IT expert that assists promptly with any IT issues.

Is there any career progression?

100%. We have a growth mission. Our founder is a non-traditional principal. Her role is to build the business and as such is always looking to progress team members into management and leadership roles.

What social activities do you have?

We hold social activities every fortnight on a Friday. As a team we enjoy each other’s company and look forward to catching up after work for casual drinks or dinner. We are also involved in networking with other professionals and like-minded referral partners.

I don’t want to deal with internal politics?

We don’t either. We have a respectful, transparent, and caring culture. We do not tolerate any politicking.

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