Dalia Nasreddine

Associate Family Lawyer at Cominos Family Lawyers

Dalia Nasreddine

Associate Family Lawyer
Bachelor of Laws (Western Sydney University)

As an Associate at Cominos Family Lawyers, Dalia brings a wealth of legal expertise to our team. With a focus on Family Law, she is dedicated to providing clients with sound legal advice and effective legal representation.

Dalia joined Cominos Family Lawyers in early 2021 and has been an integral part of our legal team since. She was admitted as a lawyer in 2020 and since this time she has dedicated herself to becoming a worthy and valued Family Lawyer.

Understanding that each case is unique, Dalia offers clients more than just legal advice. She offers a compassionate and supportive approach in these sensitive and challenging times. She prioritises clear communication, ensuring clients are informed and empowered throughout the legal process. Dalia is committed to achieving favourable results while minimising stress and costs for clients.

She also serves as a legal advocate with unique focus on navigating cases involving individuals on the other side with Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Dealing with a narcissist in legal matters can present unique challenges.

Dalia has successfully represented clients in cases involving divorce, child custody, property matters and other Family Law matters where narcissistic behaviours impact the way the matter is run. She possesses an acute understanding of the emotional toll such situations can have on clients and is committed to providing compassionate and strategic legal guidance.

Dalia always strives to settle matters amicably and without commencing court proceedings where possible. However, there are times where a matter has no other option but to go to Court. In these circumstances, Dalia is known for her meticulous preparation, strategic thinking, and persuasive advocacy skills.

She understands the complexities of the legal system and works tirelessly to navigate through them on behalf of her clients. Dalia has effectively appeared and represented clients in a wide range of court events, including First Court Events, Mentions and Direction Hearings. Dalia has also successfully briefed Barristers in Subpoena Hearings, Interim Hearings and Final Hearings.

As a stepparent of two children, Dalia understands how difficult it can be for children impacted by separation and how important it is to consider their needs and bests interests throughout a parenting matter.

Whether through negotiation, mediation, or litigation, Dalia is dedicated to achieving the best possible outcome for all her clients.

In her spare time outside of work, Dalia enjoys being a home body, watching Netflix and spending quality time with her family.

Dalia Nasreddine - Cominos Family Lawyers

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