Pamela Cominos

Founding Principal of Cominos Family Lawyers. Experienced Family Lawyer.

Pamela Cominos

Founding Principal | Family Law Specialist| Collaborative Family Lawyer
Bachelor of Laws, M.A. English Literature (UNSW), Bachelor of Arts, Graduate Diploma of Education (University of Sydney), Mediation Certificate (Bond University)

Pamela Cominos is a highly educated, emotionally intelligent and experienced family lawyer. In 2010, recognising a gap in the family law market for competent, compassionate, and assertive family lawyer, she established Cominos Family Lawyers. Since this time Cominos Family Lawyers has delivered legal services in a timely, clear, and meaningful way to all our clients.

We believe every person experiencing the end of a significant relationship, marriage or de facto must have affordable and quality legal advice and representation to protect, empower and guide them through the complexities of divorce and separation.

It is our vision that people separate with respect, dignity, and care and for these reasons we focus on minimising harm and maximising empowerment and protection for our clients and children.

As of 2023, Pamela no longer has the day-to-day carriage of individual family law matters. Rather, she uses her experience as a family lawyer to oversee all matters, and provides direct support, mentorship, and practical training to all the specialist family lawyers who form part of the dynamic team at Cominos Family Lawyers.

Pamela promises that when you choose Cominos Family Lawyers, you will always be treated as a person who deserves to be respected, understood, and empowered.

We promise you will feel reassured, supported, and safe with us.

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Pamela Cominos - Cominos Family Lawyers

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