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Cominos Family Lawyers is a highly-respected and well established legal practice. 
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With over 40 years of specialised combined family and divorce law experience in all matters that relate to divorce, children, property, and maintenance – when you choose Cominos Family Lawyers, you have chosen the top family lawyers in Sydney. 

We are a team of proactive, passionate, and strategic family and divorce lawyers, who genuinely care about you as a person. We have been established since 2010 and have handled over 3,000 family law cases with success. 

Our philosophy is to negotiate, mediate, collaborate and as a last resort to litigate. When necessary we are always ready to fight for you but always controlling the process with dignity. 

We follow a proven process, which ensures that you will always be one step ahead, always know where you stand and be fully informed.  

You will experience a feeling of ‘woe is me to wow is me” at the end of your divorce and separation legal journey. 

We are Sydney’s best family lawyers not because of what we say but because our clients are our raving fans and leave Google Reviews that say:

“awesome, strategic, intelligent and committed family lawyers”

“you will feel supported, informed and safe”

“skills and preparation are second to none… loved the knowledge and strength”

“empathy, passion and dedication are three words I used to describe the team”

“as a Dad myself, … Dad’s might feel somewhat overwhelmed by the whole ordeal, or, that the system is already against you, that you’ve already half lost…I really can’t stress anything but my gratitude here: You’ll be listened to, treated as an equal, and respected as a parent”

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Pamela was nothing short of amazing and professional. We had an urgent Hague Convention matter that required immediate attention. With only four days to react, the Cominos team quickly responded and the issue was taken care of with the best possible outcome. Pamela is a very talented negotiator. Her presence during mediation made all the difference. My family and I highly recommend their services. We can’t thank them enough for all their hard work in such a short period of time.”  Erica K


“I referred a friend to Pamela to help in an urgent and progressively more difficult divorce. Her pragmatic approach to advice and sensitive approach to managing costs has been a revelation. As a solicitor who has never practiced in family law, I’ve also been impressed with her strong advocacy for my friend’s position and rights as a father. I would have no hesitation recommending Pamela for both men and women caught in the web of a family breakdown.” John M


“I went to seek Pamela’s help on a sensitive matter involving moving my children interstate, Pamela followed through on everything she promised in a prompt and professional manner, I was feeling quite overwhelmed after spending over $50K with another firm. I would highly recommend Cominos lawyers. Pamela is a delightful lady.” Melinda S

 “It is my mission to make sure that every single client is treated with respect, care and always listened to. You are not another client, you are the most important client”
– Pamela Cominos-