Child Abduction

If your child has been unlawfully removed from Australia by the other parent. We have experience and success in Child Abduction and Hague Convention matters.

What is child abduction?

Child abduction, also known as kidnapping, occurs when a parent removes a child from the country or to another unknown location without the permission of the other parent.

Child abduction is not in the best interests of a child, and often places children in the middle of conflict which can cause them long-term harm.

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What is the Hague Convention?
The Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction provides a framework to respond to international child abductions by a parent.

The Hague Convention provides a way for the child to be returned to you, provided the country is a member of the Hague Convention or has a bilateral agreement with Australia, such as Lebanon and Egypt.

Child international abduction cases are very serious and are dealt with as quickly as possible. There are only a few circumstances where the removal of a child will be justified or approved by the Court. For more information call us.

General Information – Hague Convention

Hague Convention matters are not the same as parenting matters between separating parents. They involve the unlawful abduction of children from their place of residence by the other parent and focus on the return of children to their country of residence.

Australia is signatory to the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction. This is an international agreement that covers the processes involved when children are unlawfully removed from their country of residence.

If your children have been unlawfully removed from Australia by the other parent, and you make an application under the Hague Convention for the return of the children, Australia can only assist you if the other country is also signatory to the convention.

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A list of countries that have signed the Hague Convention include:

– Albania
– Argentina
– Armenia
– Austria
– Bahamas
– Belarus
– Belgium
– Belize
– Bosnia and Herzegovina
– Brazil
– Bulgaria
– Burkina Faso
– Canada
– Chile
– Colombia
– Costa Rica
– Croatia
– Cyprus
– Czech Republic
– Denmark
– Dominican Republic
– Ecuador
– El Salvador
– Estonia
– Fiji
– Finland
– France
– Georgia
– Germany
– Greece
– Guatemala
– Honduras
– Hong Kong (China)
– Hungary
– Iceland
– Ireland
– Israel
– Italy
– Japan
– Latvia
– Lithuania
– Luxembourg
– Macau (China)
– Malta
– Mauritius
– Mexico
– Moldova, Republic of
– Monaco
– Montenegro
– Netherlands
– New Zealand
– Nicaragua
– Norway
– Panama
– Paraguay
– Peru
– Poland
– Portugal
– Republic of Korea (from 1 June 2015)
– Romania
– Saint Kitts and Nevis
– San Marino
– Serbia
– Singapore
– Slovakia
– Slovenia
– South Africa
– Spain
– Sri Lanka
– Sweden
– Switzerland
– Thailand
– The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM)
– Trinidad and Tobago
– Turkey
– Turkmenistan
– Ukraine
– United Kingdom
– United States of America
– Uruguay
– Uzbekistan
– Venezuela
– Zimbabwe

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