Children and Custody

As the best child custody lawyers in Sydney, we understand the importance of protecting children and ensuring that they are kept out of parental dispute or conflict. We always consider the interests of the children first. Children have a right to a meaningful relationship with their parents and extended family. Want to know more?

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Child Custody Lawyers in Sydney

We have been advising, assisting, and representing our clients in a range of child custody matters. These services include contested child custody disputes, consent orders, child support, or relocation with children.

Parenting Plans

Many parents negotiate their child custody arrangements and enter parenting plans. A parenting plan is simply a written agreement between parents that deals with all aspects of care and upbringing of their children. As child custody solicitors, we assist our clients with negotiating and drafting parenting plans.


Parenting Orders

Many clients use our legal services to assist them to negotiate, mediate and even go to court to obtain parenting orders. Parenting orders are legally binding obligations that deal with a range of issues that relate to the care and welfare of children. Parenting Orders can determine where children will live, whom they will spend time with, and even what school or after-school activities they will attend. Parenting Orders can be agreed upon between parents or where there is no agreement, then with the guidance of the right lawyer, you can apply to the Court for parenting Orders.



Contravention of parenting orders is a serious matter. If you have valid parenting orders and one parent has not followed these orders, then dealing with this through a contravention application may be the most effective way. We have successfully made applications at court for the enforcement of parenting orders as well as defending our clients.
If you are facing a contravention application, then contact us immediately.


Child Abduction

Child abductions are a parent’s worst nightmare. We have been involved in hundreds of child abduction matters. Child abductions often require urgent recovery and location orders. These matters must be dealt with proactively, strategically, and with sensitivity. We can assist with local child abduction matters, as well as interstate and international child abductions.


Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a crime. Domestic violence occurs in a marriage or intimate relationship. Unfortunately, many people who suffer domestic violence are unaware that domestic violence is more than just physical violence. It includes not only physical threats or actual harm, but emotional and psychological abuse. It also includes social isolation and financial control. Children, pets, and other members of a family can also be subjected to domestic violence. As the best child custody solicitors in Sydney, we are passionate about protecting you and your children.


Child Support Agreements

A parent’s obligation to pay child support is essential to the proper care and development of children. Many parents are choosing to enter into binding child support agreements. These agreements are legally binding, and you must use experienced solicitors to explain the advantages and disadvantages to you, as well as the effect of the child support agreement.


Our Child Custody Solicitors

Since 2010, we have been assisting and advising separating parents on their rights and responsibilities. Our child custody lawyers are experienced and skilled when it comes to advising and representing you in parenting arrangements and children’s matters.

We have provided quality advice to hundreds of parents, grandparents, and other caregivers in relation to who children will live with or how much time they spend with each parent or other family members. If you are looking for legal advice, assistance, and realistic outcomes for your parenting arrangements, then speak to us today.

We have a combined legal knowledge of over 40 years and have handled over 3,000 matters, and have genuine Google testimonials. We are confident that you will get the best support, advice, and service.

We start with the end in mind and listen to what you and your children need. Our first consideration is always the best interests of your children. We are strong advocates of negotiation, mediation, and collaboration and believe that going to court is a last resort or where there are matters of urgency, risk or child abduction.


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. I am worried about the effect divorce will have on my children. What can I do?

As family lawyers in Sydney, we know that many people choose to stay in unhealthy, toxic, or even violent relationships because they are worried that divorce or separation may affect the children. The truth of the matter is that children can cope with their parents separating and what they struggle with are their parents ongoing and intractable arguments and fights.

Children thrive in happy families. Sometimes, those families are re-shaped by divorce. The most important for children is that they have two happy, healthy, and well-functioning parents who can commit to raising them with love and care.

If you are considering divorce, then speak to a child custody lawyer to find out ways that you can protect the children from any conflict or disruption to their lives. 


2. My ex has left the house and taken the children with them. What can I do?

This is a heartbreaking situation. If your ex has taken the children and you don’t know where they are, you must immediately contact your local police as well as Family and Community Services (13 211). You must also contact a specialist who will provide you with all the legal advice necessary to find the children and to ensure that they are safe.


3. My ex-partner won’t let me see my children. What can I do?

The very first thing to know is that a parent is not entitled to control or dictate the relationship a child has with the other parent unless there are serious and significant risks of abduction, addictions or family violence or mental health issues.

If you have tried to speak or email your ex and you are getting nowhere, then it is important that you are proactive and contact a specialist children’s custody lawyer. There is an array of options available for you. With our assistance and guidance, clients in this situation often re-connect and spend time with their children within a short time.


4. My ex won’t pay the children’s school fees, what can I do?

Sadly, we hear this more times than we would like. Unfortunately, divorce and separation can bring financial distress to many families. Where there are genuine concerns about the payment of children’s school fees, then it may be that you can contact the school and ask for a hold on the payment of school fees until your divorce matters are sorted. However, if your ex simply won’t pay, even though they can afford to, then let the Child Support Agency know and make an immediate appointment to speak with a child custody lawyer today.


5. How can I get 50/50 custody or equal care of the children?

This is a frequently asked question. Where parents are agreeable, there is no risk or harm or concerns about the care of children, and the children can manage the 50/50 arrangements, then the legislation supports an equal time custody arrangement.

Every situation is different and depends on many factors. If you are seeking an equal time arrangement and your ex is opposed to this, then you must seek independent advice from a legal professional.


6. Who gets child custody?

Both the mother and the father have a legal right to be involved in their child’s life. In the event of separation or divorce, the law requires courts to consider the best interests of children rather than focusing on any assumptions about how children should be raised.


7. Is a lawyer necessary for child custody?

Child custody is a legal term that refers to the issue of the legal responsibilities of the parents, including rights and duties. As a parent facing a divorce, it is crucial to be aware of each one’s rights and responsibilities, including filing for child custody. A child custody lawyer will represent your interests and ensure that your best interests are protected in court.


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