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Going to Court and Family Law Advice?
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Who is going to court and family law advice for?

The decision to go to court for your separation or divorce is not easy. In Australia, court is the last resort for people. There are times however when going to court is the only choice you have. We know when you need to go to court and will advise you quickly.

What does go to court mean?

Go to Court means that you have been sent court documents by your ex-partner to go to court. You may need to go to court for your parenting issues or financial matters and property. You can also decide to be the one who goes to court, because you are not getting agreement from your ex-partner.

When should I go to court?

You should go to court if any of the following happens:

– Your children are taken from Australia or there is a risk that this will happen, and you do not agree.
– You have no idea where your children or ex-partner is living.
– You need urgent spousal maintenance.
– You are worried that property will be sold or given away and you need to stop this.
– Your ex is unwilling to discuss the separation or divorce issues with you.
– There is significant family violence and/or apprehended violence orders.
– You need to get a divorce.

Can I go to court without a lawyer?

You can go to court without a lawyer, but this is a huge risk because the court process is often technical and complex. You may be overwhelmed by the fact that your ex-partner has lawyers and barristers supporting them. It is not recommended that you go to court without a family lawyer.

What will it cost to go to court?

We offer flexible and fixed costs for each client- as everyone’s needs are different. The cost of using our services will benefit you by giving you peace of mind and getting you are better result than you would have on your own.

Will my partner find out about this meeting?

All our consultations are strictly confidential. Your partner will not be informed. We offer safe and reassuring spaces to discuss your situation.

Can you help if my partner is a narcissist and controlling?

All our family lawyers are trained in dealing with controlling, abusing and narcissistic ex-partners. We will take the pressure off you and act as your advocate. This means that we will always represent you and your best interests.

What is an Appeal?

Appeals are available where a decision has been made in parenting, property, spousal support or other areas of family law. Decisions can be challenged on law or where a decision made by a Judge is unjust or unreasonable.

How can I appeal a decision?

This is a highly specialised and technical area of law. You will need to start with filing a Notice of Appeal.

Appealing decisions is technical and requires consideration as to costs and merit of your case.

When can I appeal?

You have a very short time to appeal a decision. There are very tight time-frames as to when Appeal can be made. If you wish to appeal a decision you must do so within 28 days of the decision being made.

Why appeal?

Sometimes a decision is wrong at law or simply unfair or impracticable. You can appeal a decision if there has been some error for example where a Judged used the wrong principles to determine your matter; or allowed irrelevant matters to persuade or guide him or her; or where a decision is simply wrong.

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