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We know that going to Court is a challenging and stressful experience for most people. As Sydney’s best family lawyers we are skilled in representing you in all family law matters. We have represented our clients in divorce, children’s custody and property dispute matters.

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What can I expect when I go to Court?

Going to Court is often a new and uncertain experience for many people. To get the best results, be prepared. Think about what you want to achieve at Court and  create a plan of action. Your plan of action could include thinking about what agreement you want to reach or what offers you could propose to your ex.

If you are unable to compromise or accept what your ex is offering you, then the Judge will make the decision. Keep an open mind and be prepared to listen to the Judge who must act in the best interest of children or in property matters must ensure that the final result is just and equitable.

What happens if I don't show up at Court?

If your ex-spouse or partner has filed at Court and you know about it, then you must show up. If you don’t show up the Judge could make Orders that affect your rights and entitlements in relation to financial matters or your children. If you don’t show up because you did not know that there was a Court date, then as soon as you find out

What you should never do at Court

Below are 5 things you should never do at Court:

1. You should never be rude or aggressive to your ex-partner. You may be upset, angry or frustrated but that is never a reason to behave badly at Court. If you behave inappropriately the security guards will be notified and you may find yourself in trouble.

2. You must never speak out of turn or make snide remarks, when your ex-partner’s lawyer is speaking or saying something that you don’t agree with.

3. Never pull faces or make angry or threatening expressions to the Judge or anyone else in the Court room.

4. Don’t sit when the Judge is speaking to you. It is important that you observe formality with the Judge and always stand when the Judge enters the court room.

5. Never shout or be rude to your own lawyer. You may feel frustrated that your lawyer did not say what you wanted or didn’t get the result you may expected-you can address these issues after Court.

Should I go with a lawyer to Court?

Absolutely! Find a lawyer that you feel confident with and you can trust. Going to Court is a skill and when you are emotional or inexperienced, you may find yourself in a worse position than you wanted.

Needing to appeal a matter?

All our Family Lawyers are skilled in advising and representing our clients at the Family Court of Australia with their Family Law Appeal matters. If you need advice on whether to appeal contact us today!

General Information – Going To Court

If you are separated or divorced and you are unable to reach agreement or resolution in relation to your parenting, property or your Will dispute, then going to Court is available to you. 

All our Senior Lawyers go to Court on a regular basis, and have appeared in the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia, and the Supreme Court of NSW. We have been engaged to deal with matters that involve complex and sensitive parenting issues, which involve family violence or relocation of children, including Hague Convention matters and have been involved in property disputes that involve property in Australia and overseas or property that has been inherited or gifted, with multi-million-dollar asset pools.

We are familiar with the practice and procedure of Court and our focus at Court is to listen to you and to protect your rights and interests and to go the extra mile, to do whatever is possible to reach settlement, before the matters get to a final hearing or trial.

We are always conscious of the emotional and financial costs of going to Court on our client’s and their families. Going to Court is not easy and you will face uncertainties, delays and the Court will not necessarily view your matter as unique or something that requires immediate attention.

We will prepare you thoroughly for the Court process, so that you will not be left wandering what to expect or what the Court is likely to say about your matter. You are in good hands when you go to court with one of our Senior Lawyers because we put ourselves in your position and truly understand the stress, worry and vulnerability that you may feel.  We know it’s not easy to face a former partner at Court or to challenge your family in Will matters, we will support you through this process.

If you would like more information about going to Court, or have a Matter that you are wishing to appeal, please contact us today.

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