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In 2010, our founder Pamela Cominos established Cominos Family Lawyers.

She was on a mission to provide family law advice and solutions that protect individuals and keep families out of court.

She had just come out of a difficult divorce and didn’t want her clients to experience the same.

Since this time Pamela’s mission has been unwavering.

Today her passionate team of family lawyers continue to deliver on the promise of putting our client’s first and providing family law advice that is proactive, proactive, and simple to understand.

Divorce Advice?
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Who is divorce for?

Divorce advice is for any individual who is married but living separated from their spouse and wants to legally end the marriage. It is also for a husband/wife who has been told that their marriage is over.

What does it mean to ‘get a divorce’?

To get a divorce means that you no longer want to be married. It means you want to legally end your marriage. Getting a divorce is a formal legal process.

My husband/wife doesn’t want to get divorced – what can I do?

In Australia, there is no need to have a joint or agreed divorce. You can divorce your husband/wife even if that is not what they want.

When should I get divorce advice?

The sooner you get divorce advice the better informed you will be. Divorce advice enables you to understand fully what is involved in getting divorced.

We haven’t sorted out property/financial matters – does that matter?

In Australia, you can get a divorce even if you have not sorted out your property/financial matters.

I haven’t been separated for 12 months – does that matter?

Yes, it matters. You cannot apply for a divorce unless you have been separated for 12 months.

I don’t know where my ex-husband/wife is living, how do I let them know then know I want a divorce?

This is not unusual. We can assist you find your ex-husband/wife and make sure that they know of the divorce.

Can you help if my partner is a narcissist and controlling?

All our lawyers are trained to support you if your partner is emotionally, physically, sexually abusive or controlling.

We work closely with domestic violence counsellors and have assisted countless clients get separated from narcissistic and controlling partners.

We help our clients with apprehended domestic violence orders and advise on all areas of family violence and abuse.

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