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Divorce and Separation

Are you separated? Are you looking to get divorced? We know divorce because that’s what we do every day. Get in touch with us today so that we can discuss your options.

Top Divorce Question: How long does it take to get divorced in Australia?

Answer: Before a divorce can take place, a couple must have been separated for 12 months. Once the divorce has been filed, it usually takes a few months to be completed. However, the timeframe may differ depending on several factors such as the parties’ income, the couple’s property, and whether or not there are any children involved (permanent or temporary) in custody arrangements. Read more

Children and Custody

As Sydney’s leading family lawyers, we understand the importance of protecting children and ensuring that they are kept out of parental dispute or conflict. Children have a right to a meaningful relationship with their parents and extended family.

Top Children Related Question: Why do I need Parenting Orders?

Answer: Parenting orders provide you, the other parent, and the children with stability and consistency in relation to the care, live with and spend time with arrangements for children. Unlike parenting plans, they are legally binding. If they are breached, then you can apply for contravention of the parenting orders. Read more

Property and Family Law

Property and family law is a complex and specialised area of divorce and separation. If you are worried about your money, maintenance, or property, we are able to advise and assist you. Our experts will guide you through the legal process step-by-step, so that you have fewer concerns about your situation. 

Top Property Question: What are Property Consent Orders?

Answer: Consent Orders for property settlements are legally binding Orders which formalise and finalise your financial and property agreement with a former partner or spouse. Read more


Mediating your family law matters is a good starting point for most separation and divorce matters. If you are considering mediation, we can give you reliable and experienced legal advice beforehand. We can help you understand the legal process and the options available.

Top Question: What is Mediation?

Answer: Mediation is a voluntary process where you and your ex-partner agree to discuss any issues that arise from the end of your relationship without the pressure of going to Court. Mediation is suitable for most matters, except where there is family violence or urgency. Read more

Going To Court

We know that going to Court is a challenging and stressful experience for most people. As the best family solicitors in Sydney, we are skilled in representing you in all family law matters. We have represented our clients in divorce, children’s custody, and property dispute matters.

Top Question: Do I need a barrister if I go to court?

Answer: Your barrister is part of your legal team. When your ex has a barrister on their side, you too want to turn up well-supported and protected by a full legal team including your family lawyer and an appropriate barrister. Read more

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