Going To Court

Court is last resort. For most people it’s an unknown environment.

Without preparation and guidance, you can be left in a worse position than when you started.

Three Great Tips when Going to Court

1. Never go to Court without an experienced Family Lawyer

  • Courts are busy places and have procedures that need to be followed
  • Courts are serious and the judicial officer making decisions won’t be able to give guidance or legal advice about your matter
  • You could waste a lot of valuable time and delay the progress

2. Be Prepared

  • Do your homework before you go to Court
  • Have a copy of all your court documents (your lawyer should have them too)
  • Understand why you are going to Court and what the specific purpose is.

3. Know what you Want

  • Think about what you want to achieve
  • Think about the Next steps to get your matter moving.

Five Must Know Traps when going to Court

1. You will lose control

  • Everything becomes about the Court’s timetable
  • Everything is about following the process and Court Rules
  • Your issues may get bigger

2. You don’t always get what you want

  • You will have to make concessions and compromise.
  • You may have to do something you don’t want

3. You could end up worse off

  • No matter how ‘strong’ or ‘confident’ your case may be, there is always another side or more.

4. Your legal bills will be high

  • Going to Court costs a lot of money.

5. Going to Court doesn’t end the conflict.

  • Following Court, things don’t magically get better.
  • Thing can get worse, especially if someone feels ‘disgruntled” or ‘disappointed’

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