Many of our clients are high net worth property family law clients who require specialised and accurate advice and information on their property settlement  when going through a separation or divorce. We have expertise in structures such as companies, trusts and self managed superannuation funds. We can assist you with getting your pension if you are in the pension phase or assist you with splitting  your  self-managed superannuation fund if that is what is agreed or is ordered by the Family Court.

If you want to keep  control and manage  your self managed superannuation fund we can help you with this too.

In most cases, where high net worth property family law clients are involved then expert valuers will be necessary to value the price of assets. We can help with this process  and can also assist you with tax implications such as capital gains taxes or other taxes that may apply.

High Net Worth Property – Family Law – Your Confidentiality

We know how important confidentially is for all client and in particular high net worth property family law clients. It is for this reason that all conferences are  held  in our secured and private offices in the Sydney CBD with our family lawyers.  We are very protective of your interests and always take care to meet all your needs. We understand  that our high net worth property family law clients trust us and we respect and reciprocate this trust by getting the best possible results for our clients.

Special Skills – High Net Worth Property – Family Law

In the recent case of Hoffman and Hoffman, the Family Court of Australia consider the idea of “special skills“, when a husband appealed a decision where after 36 years of cohabitation and an asset pool of about $10,000,000, he received 50%. The Husband argued that had special skills and entrepreneurial flair and for this reason the asset pool was as large as it was. The Court did not agree with the Husband and the Husband’s appeal was dismissed.

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