Collaborative Family Law

Do you want to stay out of court?  Are you interested in learning more about Collaborative Family Law?  We have been providing collaborative family law services to our clients for many years.

What is Collaborative Family Law?

Collaborative Family Law is an alternative to going to court or negotiation or even mediation. It is a well tested and structured dispute resolution process where the separating couple work through their needs, interests and concerns and reach agreements in a supportive and win-win environment.

Who is collaborative family law for?

Collaborative family law is for anyone who has children and/or property and is seeking a healthier and better way to end a marriage or marriage-like relationship. It is for those separating couple who wish to stay out of court.

Does my ex need a lawyer?

Yes. Both you and your ex will need independant collaborative family lawyers. These lawyers will guide, advise and assist you to focus on your needs, interests and concerns and reach win-win agreements.

Are parenting agreements or property division settlements legal in collaborative family law?

Yes. Your parenting agreements or property settlement can be legalised and become enforceable.

My matter is complicated is collaborative family law for me?

Absolutely! Collaborative family law is suitable for complicated matters. This is because in collaborative family law, you are supported by professionals who can assist you to manage and resolve any complicated matter.

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General Information – Collaborative Family Law

Collaborative Family Law is a positive way to resolve issues that arise from the break down of your marriage or de facto relationship, including same-sex relationships. It is a way to move forward without going to court.

Collaborative Family Law is suitable where you and your ex are able to communicate with each other. If there is no family violence or significant concerns about mental health or risk factors for children, then consider collaborative family law.

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