Mediating your family law matters is a good starting point for most separation and divorce matters.  If you are considering mediation, we can give you reliable and experienced legal advice prior to the mediation.

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What is Mediation?

Mediation is a voluntary process where you and your ex -partner agree to discuss any issues that arise from the end of your relationship without the pressure of going to Court. Mediation are suitable for most matters, except where there is family violence or urgency.

My ex has asked to me to go to Mediation-do I have to go?

No, mediation is a voluntary process. You can’t be forced to attend mediation. If you feel unsafe or uncomfortable about being in the same room with an ex-partner, then discuss this with the Mediator.

What is a Section 60I Certificate?

A section 60I certificate is a certificate that has been issued by a Mediator. The section 60I certificate is issued where Mediation has been unsuccessful, or your matter is not suitable for mediation. Once you have a section 60I certificate you can go to Court. Your section 60I certificate is valid for 12 months.

Our Mediation Services

 General Information

Mediation is generally recommended for most divorce or separation matters. If you have issues that need to be sorted out such as what the parenting arrangements will be for your children or where you will live or how your property will be sorted out, then mediation is a way to move forward with these matters.

Mediation is generally suitable where there is no family or domestic violence and where there are no apprehended violence orders.

If you are ready to mediate your matters, we can provide you with confidential and easy to understand advice and we can also attend the mediation with you.

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