Our Difference, is that we look after your interests, leading and caring family lawyers.

Our Difference. We Make You Feel Safe, Supported and Reassured. Feel Good Again.

We can help you.

Our Difference.

Cominos Family Lawyers is a leading and innovative legal practice delivering a “woe is me to WOW is me” divorce and separation experience.

We help our clients get through their separation and divorce with confidence, empowerment and with real results. Talk to our family law specialists in Sydney today.

We Are Different Because We.

▪ Put ourselves in your shoes.

▪ Always have you on our minds.

▪ We are one step ahead.

▪ We are courageous and stand up for you.

▪ We are passionate about your success.

Why Trust Us?

We know that coming to a family lawyer can be a new and daunting experience for so many people.

Most people do not know what to expect or what the costs will be.

Our clients trust us because we:

▪ Provide upfront, no hidden costs;

▪ We have an ongoing commitment to our clients by providing financial agreements (pre-nups) for new relationships;

▪ We are always up to date with the latest legal knowledge.

About Us. Your Team.

Pamela Cominos

Pamela Cominos

Founding Principal

Penny Ling

Penny Ling

Managing Principal

Dalia Nasreddine

Dalia Nasreddine

Associate Family Lawyer

Elise Vadala

Elise Vadala

Family Lawyer

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