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Pre-separation Advice?
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Who is pre-separation advice for?

Pre-separation advice is for anyone who is unhappy in their marriage or de facto relationship and is thinking about leaving (imminently e.g. in the upcoming weeks) or their partner has indicated that they want a divorce.

What is pre-separation advice?

Pre-separation advice is not marriage or relationship counselling.

It is specific legal advice that is provided for your individual circumstances. We provide pre-separation advice on your parenting arrangements, the best interests of children, property interests and protection.

Separation and divorce are a stressful and unpredictable times. If you have been considering separation for some time, then getting the information that you need will give you control and confidence when the time comes to make decisions for yourself, your children and financial future.

When should I get pre-separation advice?

Whenever you feel you need to understand what would happen to you, your children or finances and property in the event of separation or divorce. Going through divorce or separation is a difficult time for many people

If you are unsure whether you need pre-separation advice, it may be that you seek the support of counsellors or other professionals that can offer you and your partner or spouse guidance ad tools to keep your relationship working.

Will my partner find out about this meeting?

All our consultations are strictly confidential. Your partner will not be informed.

We offer safe and reassuring spaces to discuss your situation.

Can you help if my partner is a narcissist and controlling?

All our lawyers are trained to support you if your partner is emotionally, physically, sexually abusive or controlling.

We work closely with domestic violence counsellors and have assisted countless clients get separated from narcissistic and controlling partners.

We help our clients with apprehended domestic violence orders and advise on all areas of family violence and abuse.

I have decided to separate – now what?

If you have decided to separate on a final basis, then think about:

» Diarising and recording the date of your separation. The date of your separation is very important.

» Consider telling your partner about the separation at a time that is safe, and where the children are out of the home. If you have experienced family violence, take measures to protect yourself and the children. It is okay to let your partner know that the relationship is over when you and the children have left the home or in the presence of another person.

» Gather all your financial documents and make copies of your partners financial documents if they are available.

» If you and your partner share common passwords or joint bank accounts, take steps to change your passwords and open a new bank account.

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