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Spousal Maintenance

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Getting advice for property, money, and financial support is essential.

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Elise Vadala

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Resources – Property and Financial

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Property and Family Law Advice?
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Who is property advice for?

Property advice, includes the home, money, assets, businesses, spousal maintenance and child support, and is for any individual who is going through a separation or divorce. You may also wish to obtain property advice when or if you are thinking about leaving your marriage or relationship.

What is property and family law advice?

This is specific advice that is provided by our experienced specialist family lawyers about property, money, assets, spousal maintenance, and child support matters. Property and finances is a complex area of family law. You only get once chance at splitting your property and assets in a way that is fair and protects your interests.

When should I get property and financial family law advice?

The sooner you get property and financial family law advice the better informed you will be. You will receive current and accurate advice on all aspects of property matters, ranging from how to best split your property, money, assets, dealing with superannuation and maintenance and who pays the day to day living costs.

I am worried about how I will pay the mortgage?

This is a common worry. We will provide you with effective solutions that will help you manage the mortgage and other necessary expenses, such as electricity bills, water rates and other household expenses.

I don’t have a job and I have no income?

If you are the carer of small children or have stayed at home or have lost your job, there are ways to ensure that you are able to meet your day to day needs as well as housing costs. We can assist with advice on spousal maintenance and all child support issues.

I want to keep the family home/business?

We do everything we can to assist you to keep the family home or the business. We have access to mortgage brokers as well as financial planners who can assist. We can also provide advice on your best options and solutions to protect your interests and help you keep the family home or business.

Will my partner find out about this meeting?

All our consultations are strictly confidential. Your partner will not be informed. We offer safe and reassuring spaces to discuss your situation.

Can you help if my partner is a narcissist and controlling?

All our lawyers are trained to support you if your partner is emotionally, physically, sexually abusive or controlling.

We work closely with domestic violence counsellors and have assisted countless clients get separated from narcissistic and controlling partners.

We help our clients with apprehended domestic violence orders and advise on all areas of family violence and abuse.

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