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Does my partner have to agree to separate?

No. In Australia we have a no-fault divorce system. You do not need the agreement or permission of your partner to separate.

What are Consent Orders?

Consent Orders for property settlements are legally binding Orders which formalise and finalise your financial and property agreement with a former partner or spouse.

Do I have to get a divorce before we divide our assets?

You don’t have to be legally divorced to settle your property or financial matters. In fact it is usually better to reach a property settlement before you legally apply to get divorced.

General Information – Property Settlements

Separated or divorced couples are encouraged to settle their property matters through negation, conciliation or mediation.

It is always better for you and your ex-partner, as well as your children to reach agreement as to how your money and assets will be split after your relationship ends.

Property settlements that have been agreed by both you and your ex-partner can be turned into legally binding formal Orders known as Consent Orders.

It is very important that your property settlements are finalised and legalised because this signifies the end of your financial commitment and future financial expectations.

Once you have a legally binding property settlement (Consent Orders or Financial Agreement) you can move forward in life with confidence and without concern that your future earnings or assets will be protected.

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