Pamela Cominos and HoneyFive years ago, we hired our best Sydney Divorce Lawyer – “Honey” who serves as the Chief Happiness Office (from original article by Jerome Doraisamy on 22 October 2020 in Lawyers Weekly).

Honey is our Moodle and joined Cominos Family Lawyers to help our clients stay calm and stress free when in our offices. We all know that divorce and separation is very stressful for l and can lead to anxiety and depression. Having our Honey, the Moodle (Sydney Divorce Lawyer) around the office serves not only as a meaningful icebreaker for our clients, but also eases new client coming into a legal practice.

For many people walking into a law firm can be daunting, having Honey brings a sense of normality and comfort for so many of our clients.

As a Sydney Divorce Law Firm, we are very conscious of not only our client’s mental health but also the mental well-being of all our Team Members.  Our Team Members are exceptional Divorce Lawyers located in Sydney, and always give 100% to all our clients.

At times it can be stressful being a Divorce Lawyer, however having our Honey (Sydney Divorce Lawyer) around breaks the stress and provides our divorce lawyers with an opportunity to mingle with each other and even take Honey out for a stroll and some fresh air.

As a leading Sydney Divorce Law firm, Cominos Family Lawyers is at the forefront of challenging the traditional notions of legal practice. We see the value of our Team Members beyond the “six-minute billable units” and further we value our clients above all else.

If you are going through a separation or divorce ,feeling stressed, unsure and overwhelmed by going to see a Sydney Divorce Lawyer at Cominos Family Lawyers, we will make you feel at ease and introduce you to our best Sydney Divorce Lawyer and Chief Happiness Office, Honey the Moodle.

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