What A Family Lawyer Is Not:

  • Counsellor.
  • Best friend.
  • A shoulder to cry on.
  • Aggressive.

What A Family Lawyer Is:

  • A trusted advisor.
  • A legal confidante
  • A voice of reason.
  • Considered and Calm.

What To Expect \ Demand from Your Family Lawyer:

It’s simple, a good family lawyer must have the following 5 core values

– Integrity, Proactive, Respect, Passion, and Courage



Always ethical and do the right thing by you. They are people who can be held accountable and always do what they say they’ll do.

TIP: look at what your lawyer does for you, not what they say they will do.

“Actions speak louder than words.”



Good lawyers are risk managers. They always look ahead and know what is coming up. With a good family lawyer, you will know where you stand, and you will experience feeling reassured and confident.

TIP: You will know a good family lawyer because they are the ones calling you. You won’t need to chase them. They will also know your matter well and be able to advise you in advance of what is coming next.

“One step ahead of the rest.”



Mutual respect is essential. This means that you must feel important (you are not another number). Respect means that you are always considered, and you feel safe, reassured, and supported.

TIP: Anytime you feel ignored, disregarded, unimportant then you are not respected.

“Give Respect only to those who are worthy of it.”



Your family lawyer must display enthusiasm and a genuine understanding of the law in relation to divorce, separation, property, children, and maintenance. Family law is not ‘guess work’, it is grounded in clear principles that focus on justice, equity, procedural fairness, and the best interests of children.

TIP: Passionate people are engaging and caring. You’re in good hands if you feel an a caring and concerned energy from your family lawyer.

“Passion with purpose makes the impossible, possible.”



A good family lawyers are courageous and confident in their communication. They speak with from the heart. This means that they don’t shy away from difficult issues or conversations. Always ready to stand up for what is good for you.

TIP: A good family lawyer is not afraid to say what you may not always want to hear or know. This is what differentiates a good family lawyer from one that is promising the world.

“Courage to stand up, especially when you’re frightened is what it takes to live empowered.”


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