Here are 3 reasons why a Family Lawyer is a useful expert to have on your side when going through a separation

1. Saves precious time, cost, and stress ✔

Too many people spend months and even years trying to negotiate with difficult and uncompromising ex- partners. Your time is too precious to be wasted in never-ending arguments. The stress inevitably impacts your ability to concentrate on more meaningful pursuits.

Using a family lawyer will reduce the costs, time, and stress of managing your separation alone.

2. Negotiate strong deals ✔

Be honest with yourself. Whilst you may be great at negotiating the purchase of a new car, getting the best deal from an ex-partner is almost impossible without the skills of an experienced family lawyer.

Family Lawyers are skilled at negotiating and strategizing to get you the best deal, without all the emotion.

3. Avoid common mistakes ✔

Going through a divorce settlement is risky and there are plenty of mistakes that can be made.

A family lawyer will help steer you away from making common mistakes which include make sure that the agreement is enforceable and can identify potential red flags before its too late.

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This article was originally posted on LinkedIn on 14 June 2023 


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