Becoming a lawyer is a hard, challenging, and long journey. When you get a job, you spend a considerable amount of your time at work. You deserve to love your job. If you don’t, then perhaps it’s time to change.

Here are some clear signs that it’s time to look for a new job:

1. You are not being recognised, rewarded, or valued.

All people want to be valued, recognised, and rewarded. This is also true at work. If you are ignored, feeling uncomfortable or treated like you don’t matter, then these are signs that it may be time to look elsewhere.

2. You are not being financially rewarded

Working as a lawyer is hard. It means ensuring that you deliver quality advice as well as manage your clients with competence. You may be expected to work long hours and even on the weekends. After work you could be asked to go to networking events. You may even refer clients to the practise, yet you are still not being rewarded.

3. There is too much politicking

Politics in the workplace is nasty. It ends up causing stress, anxiety and you never know when you will be blamed or caught in the middle of the nastiness.

4. There is no direction or leadership

Consistent and transparent leadership is essential. When workplaces are chaotic, or no-one knows what is happening each day, this is a recipe for low productivity and high turnover. It also makes for an unhappy workplace.

5. There is a values mismatch

Values guide our decisions. If your values don’t align with your work, then over time you will feel unease and discontent.

Why work at Cominos Family Lawyers?

We are a leading specialist family law practice with over 10 years of delivering quality family law advice in Australia.

We have a clear mission and core values that guide and drive all decisions that we make.

This year our team members have given us a 91% rating in providing a healthy, transparent, and rewarding work environment.

We pride ourselves in offering:

» Financial rewards and bonuses.
» One to one mentorship.
» Transparent culture.
» Predictable working hours.
» Focus on education and building skills to support you.
» Clear career progression.
» Leadership opportunities.
» Health and wellness programs.
» Consistent, supportive, and authentic leadership.
» Strong social activities.

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