A Positive Mindset makes you 31% smarter.

“Science-Backed: Adopting a Positive Mindset is the key to long lasting happiness and success in business and work. In this article the author discusses how a positive work culture can improve employees’ work satisfaction and productivity. This article is written by the founder and principal of Cominos Family Lawyers and shares how to implement a positive mindset in a legal practice.”

Recently I heard a podcast interview with two great people in business. The first is the founder of Traction, Gino Wickman and the second is the strategic negotiator and former FBI Agent, Chris Voss.

In 2016, Chris Voss co-authored the book, “Never Split the Difference: Negotiating Like your Life Depends Upon it.” Chris and Gino have both made profound contributions to how we understand business, influence, negotiation, and ourselves.

Chris Voss tells us that having a positive mindset makes you 31% smarter. This means that by adopting an open and curious mindset you have an advantage over other business owners, leaders, and people.

Well, it’s not just Chris Voss who says this, it’s also backed up by science.

Shawn Achor is a Harvard educated, positive psychologist who spread the evidence to the world to the evidence backed idea that a positive attitude comes before happiness. In other words, waiting to be successful or achieve your goals to then be happy is counterproductive. Once you achieve your goals, you may have momentary happiness, but this is not long-lasting. Reaching your goal or objective is not enough to sustain your happiness. Rather, it is a positive mindset, irrespective of the circumstances or situation that you find yourself in that makes us happiest.

Put another way, a happy and positive mindset brings you success.

What is a positive attitude?

A positive attitude is not sugar – coating or ‘acting’ as if everything is fine in our world when it is not. In fact, a positive attitude requires a conscious effort to be open to what is possible and to adopt a growth mindset.
A positive attitude opens the doors to opportunity and transforms challenges into new and better ways of living, working, and leading our lives.

Why working in a positive culture, is good for you.

As the founder and principal of Cominos Family, we strive to ensure that our culture is positive and always open to growth and opportunity for each of our team members. Since implementing an attitude of positivity and gratitude in everything we do, we have noticed a significant decline in staff turnover as well as staff taking unexplained days off work. We have seen an improvement in the quality of care and attention we give our clients and overall, a ‘bounce in the step’ of our team members.

How have we achieved this?

Like all things great in business, it starts with the attitude and mindset of its leaders. We believe that work should be a ‘happy place’ and our people are our ‘work family’. Being members of our family, we show consistent gratitude and respect for each one of them.

A week at Cominos Family Lawyers:

Monday: Share good news.

Wednesday: Fun lunch and learn.

Friday: Give gratitude morning/ social event.

Any Day: Pat our Chief Happiness Officer, Honey.

Although we have no firm statistics on this (yet), the positive and growth mindset in our legal practice has been felt by all. Our clients report greater satisfaction and when they leave our offices, they always feel safe, reassured, and supported.

Our team members are emotionally aware and empathetic to our clients and each other.

Overall, we are a happy legal practice, and our lawyers are confident, supported and enjoy a happy and healthy work-life balance.

With gratitude to our wonderful clients and team members at Cominos Family Lawyers.

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Author: Pamela Cominos, Founder and Principal of Cominos Family Lawyers.